Sunwave Music offers beginner piano class for kids. Students’ ages and interest will determine which is the better fit.

Priority is given to student engagement through the gamification of the learning environment, specialized technology tools, and social interactivity so that the experience is fun and relevant.

Generally, we recommend piano lesson for kids between the ages of 4-8, particularly if they have no or little experience with music lessons.

Sunwave Music welcomes more than hundreds of piano students each year, and is a leading institution for piano instruction in Klang Valley.


The fast and effective way to learn piano with a specialist teacher guiding you through ONLINE – “LIVE Stream Piano Lessons”.

Effective lesson plan to take you from beginner level onwards. Whether you are children or adults, the “LIVE Stream Piano Lessons” will tailor to each individual’s need. So that you can progress at your own pace.

“Guarantee within 8 sessions, you are able to play few popular tunes!”

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Age 6-12

Teenager & Adult

Age 6-12

Teenager & Adult

Who will be teaching you?

This is not the normal online classes where you learn from a recorded video. This is purely LIVE Stream Piano Lessons where Teacher Ira will teach, interact and guide you via online platform.

Teacher Ira began playing the piano at the age of 11. After completing her secondary studies, she pursues her music dream by joining Diploma in Piano studies programme under the tutorage of Mr.Ross James Carey. Upon completion of her diploma, she continues her studies into Bachelor (Hons) of Music Composition  from University of Mara (UiTM) under the tutorage of Prof Khairil Johari Johar, a notable Malaysian composer and singer. Teacher Ira also active participated in numerous master classes with Malaysian pianists like Miss Geneviene Wong and Puan Hajarul Aswad along with one of female producers in Malaysia, Miss Sharon Paul. 

Her interest in music has led her to pursue more knowledge by taking lessons in sound with Mr Najib Shukor, one of Malaysia’s prominent sound engineers. With the acquired skill, she then took up a role as an assistant sound engineer to Mr Greg Handerson in “P. Ramlee The Musical Tour”. She then worked as an event organiser and sound engineer at an event space, “ATAS by Bijan FX” for 4 years before settling as a Post Production Producer.

Teacher Ira is actively performing in various corporate events and weddings. In addition, she has experience in teaching international students based on the IGCSE music syllabus and also 1-to-1 piano lessons from an early age of 4 to 45 by offering her prowess through face-to-face class and online teaching

What are the fees and duration?

This is LIVE stream 1-to-1 teaching online. Therefore, you have access to teacher and guide you according to your pace.

The package of this LIVE Stream PIANO LESSONS is RM350/=  for 8 sessions, including lesson hands-out which will send via email.

Each session is 45min LIVE Online. You can pre-book with teacher on each session’s schedule. You can have it once/twice/trice a week depend on your progress. We would recommend to have twice/week class and have an interval between classes for you to practice.

What happens after 8 sessions ? You can buy another package and progress to the next level.

Our Students

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Don’t have piano at home?

No worries, we have Piano-Rent-To-Own Scheme?

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Beginner Level

– Beginner Level

    Intermediate Level

    – Intermediate Level