Everyone is unique and distinctive in the manners we see the world. We have our own favored music genre, artist or idol. There is surely a radio broadcast that we love to tune in. This is the music psychology that explains the musical behavior and experience, including the processes through which music is perceived, created, responded to, and incorporated into everyday life. It is just normal that we would want to play the music that we love tuning in to. We are all more sincerely connected with certain sorts of music than others. Everything we do is inevitably influenced by the outside world or those we mostly listen to and admire. Along these lines, whatever we open ourselves to the most is the thing that will feel generally normal to us.

There are many ways to learn music, from auditory, to tactile, visual, and theoretical. Each method suits different kinds of learners. If you learn through listening first and plays along that way, then auditory may be the method that suits you.  If you learn to play piano by watching videos of online piano lessons, then you might be a visual learner.  If you can’t decide, then come to us!

“My Music · My Style” is a music approach that specially tailored just for you. It is a modern and non conventional way of teaching approach that focuses on students’ different style of learning. This is the practical life curriculum that provides a scope and sequence for these everyday routines and practices. It offers a pedagogy that elevates and empowers a learner in her pursuit of these skills. This is a purposeful activity that required students to complete the task at the end of each programme. The output of the programme will be something to be aimed for.

“My Music · My Style” consists of 4 levels: Music for Children Entry Level (age 4-6), Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

Music for Children Entry Level is a programme designed to make your child’s initial encounter with music education fun and enjoyable. It combines music with physical and mental activities to stimulate their musical senses and prepare them for the varieties of music education ahead. This programme is designed to encourage kids to express themselves musically. In this program, your child will be having the opportunity to explore music in a fun-filled experience, explore various musical instruments, singing and dancing. Not forgetting the exciting games! Some instruments are more suitable for some styles than others. If you’re a fan of rock and metal, you might prefer to learn the electric guitar or the drums. If you like light & easy music, the piano or violin might be more interesting. If you have no idea, join us now ! You’ll surely found your soul instrument.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level are to enhance the fundamental of music to the students. Focus on the chosen instrument, and at the same time enjoy playing songs from various genres. This is specially designed to make your encounter with music education fun and enjoyable. It is a fun-filled programme designed for kids, teens and adults. The programme is a combination of musical theory with practical guide on playing your chosen instrument. The content is for you to have fun and to enjoy music.